Custom Composite Systems

Modern, advanced, intelligent composites UAS.

  • Custom Platforms (UAS)

    With over 40 years of experience in working with composites, we can produce your custom platform with great quality, efficiency and are cost effective. We have a range of products (1.2m to 6.1m wingspan with VTOL options) that are ready to be ordered. FJ Composites Solutions has developed Carbon Composite Fixed-Wing (aeroplane) industrial UAVs which are optimised for long-range and large-area inspections. Their flight-time is unrivalled for their price and portability. They are fully-autonomous aircraft customised to any application.

  • Aerial Surveying and Mapping Drones

    With our extensive arsenal of Unmanned Aerial Systems, we can provide aerial surveying Drones for a wide range of operations from the basic to the most complex and challenging tasks. We can deliver Drones for missions that require long range, vertical take-off, long flight time and capable of carrying heavy payloads.

  • Composites World

    At FJ Composites we have extensive & deep knowledge of composites and the knowhow of designing and manufacturing composites solutions. FJ Composites has produced many projects around the world from Baku’s Heydar Aliyev Center, to Qatar’s Falcon Hood Building in Katana and many other projects nationally and internationally. We specialise in aviation composites, fire retardant composites, composites swimming pools, composites boats and any custom composites solutions and parts.

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